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Modular Scaffolding FOX

Staging of "FOX" are modular scaffolding to enable spacing field dimensions: 0.5 m; 0.72m; 1.0m; 1.2m; 1.6; 1.9m; ​​2.5m; 3.0mw both directions so we can easily create a rectangular grid of various wymiarach.Wyjątkową feature of this system is expandable scaffold not only from the bottom to the top but also from top to bottom through the use of welded bottles and securing post. That's how the system is used on offshore platforms where there is a need to glide scaffolding below the main platform. An additional advantage of falsework like "Fox" is a simple and yet very fast method of assembly which does not need a hammer or other tools besides the key to turning concentrations.

Fox system is produced in two versions material:

- steel fox

- alu fox

The aluminum distinguishes itself light compared to conventional scaffolding at the same time, of course, the compound from which material has been made much more resistant to weather conditions.


This is one of the fastest growing companies in the region of the scaffolding and formwork in the small and medium-sized enterprises. It was founded in late 2006 by the merger of the Lithuanian capital, Polish and Norwegian with years of experience in the production of steel and aluminum and its applications for building.The economic activity OLAN company started in January 2007. The company\'s goal is OLAN cooperation in the production of steel and aluminum structures in order to meet the huge market demand dynamically developing Polish and European economy. OLAN offers a wide range of high quality products and specialized services and technical thought necessary in achieving the most ingenious solutions to the wider construction industry.

various types of scaffolding

We offer various types of scaffolding for the shipbuilding, energy and construction industries.
   We are able to present a favorable offer for the purchase of various types of scaffolding. Systems for infrastructural, industrial and residential building.

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