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Firma Olan Spółka z.o.o realizuje projekt współfinansowany w ramach działaniach 3.3. „Innowacje MŚP” Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Mazowieckiego na lata 2014-2020.

Manufacturer of scaffolding, formwork, shoring towers, roofs

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Formwork MINI-BOX

A few years ago builders to create formwork used the only wood. Currently it puts more and more frequently on modern formwork systems that allow for more efficient, flexible and precise work.

The company Olan implemented for the production of formwork system concept MINI-BOX in order to streamline and facilitate the assembly of large and heavy shuttering boards. By reducing the size and weight of the formwork they have become more robust and easy to use. Their assembly and disassembly can be carried out manually, even by a single employee.

Shuttering MINI-BOX is a response to the needs of companies engaged in small and medium-sized objects, mainly commercial buildings, building houses, building foundations, foundations, silos and retaining walls. The system is based on two types of plates, core molding and wall formwork and multi-function boards for forming poles and corners - from small-sided surface, after extensive double-sided formwork. Their structure is composed of a flat and a 12 mm plywood sheet.

Formwork lightweight and easy to use
The concept of the whole system allows for flexible and fast construction formwork. All panels are so light and easy to handle, they can be easily moved and installed without the use of a crane. Against the background of competing solutions MINI-BOX is distinguished by an increased resistance and higher allowable concrete pressure on the formwork. It owes its durability to the unique design in which the internal lattice is made of flat bars having a thickness of 5 mm, while the external border of the flat 6 mm.

Save time and material
By using formwork system MINI-BOX user is able to significantly increase the efficiency of work on site. System boards can be used up to 100 times, without the need to replace them. In traditional systems, e.g.,. By using the wood planks, formwork elements became unusable even after first use. For these reasons, formwork systems are consequently much cheaper than conventional boards. In addition, the time of their installation and concreting is much shorter.


OLAN company started in January 2007. We specialize in manufacture of aluminium and steel constructions structures in order to meet the huge market demand dynamically developing Polish and European economy. OLAN offers a wide range of high quality scaffolding and specialized services and technical thought necessary in achieving the most ingenious solutions to the wider construction industry. A significant advantage is also rich, more than twenty years of experience the company's management in the scaffolding and formwork and the lightweight welded aluminum. It all makes OLAN serves its customers with comprehensive knowledge and professional approach in implementing solutions in the field of scaffolding, spatial, passers, special constructions made of scaffolding and aluminum weldments.

We are solid partner who puts first high quality, integrity andtimetable. We have all the capability needed and are very ambitious. We are committed to supplying only the highest quality scaffolding materials and have a passion to provide excellent service solely for the benefit of our customers. We concentrate our abilities on our primary goal – our customer’s satisfaction

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International Construction Fair Budma 2023

Dear customers, suppliers and supporters of our company are invited to visit our stand no. 6 in hall no. 8 during this year’s fair Budma 2023 , which will be held on 31.01-3.02-2023 in Poznań


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The company Olan zoo Company is implementing a project co-funded activities 4.2. Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013


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