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Scaffolding EURO+

Scaffolding frame EURO + is a façade scaffold system, compatible with popular third-party products available on the market. Thanks to its simple design allows you to quickly and safely bet facilities for repair. A wide range of additional elements such as lattice girders, beams, brackets, different lengths of bridges and frame heights enable you to do the work even in the most difficult conditions, eg. Construction of crossings, pedestrian crossings, slatted church spiers. Necessary when carrying out plastering work, thermal insulation, painting or roofing.


This is one of the fastest growing companies in the region of the scaffolding and formwork in the small and medium-sized enterprises. It was founded in late 2006 by the merger of the Lithuanian capital, Polish and Norwegian with years of experience in the production of steel and aluminum and its applications for building.The economic activity OLAN company started in January 2007. The company\'s goal is OLAN cooperation in the production of steel and aluminum structures in order to meet the huge market demand dynamically developing Polish and European economy. OLAN offers a wide range of high quality products and specialized services and technical thought necessary in achieving the most ingenious solutions to the wider construction industry.

various types of scaffolding

We offer various types of scaffolding for the shipbuilding, energy and construction industries.
   We are able to present a favorable offer for the purchase of various types of scaffolding. Systems for infrastructural, industrial and residential building.

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